Michael Russill

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I am a dedicated fantasy football player of all types. I have been playing medium stakes fantasy for 25 years. Along with the evolution of fantasy, so have my interests gone. 100s of bestballs, redraft, guillotine, 25+ Dynasty Teams and lots of other fun leagues like the Scott FishBowl. The goal is to have fun in the game within the game and make some money.

Favorite Quote:

"The pathway to fantasy dominance is hard work, intelligence, fantastic drafting, amazing weekly waivers....... and a crap load of luck!"

2019 Leagues

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My Fantasy LeagueSlice Em N Dice Em Guillotine League  
 Shysty motherfu***-- 22
My Fantasy LeagueSafeLeagues Battle Royal 01  
 Michael Russill0-0-0 24 0
Total Football FN points: 22