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Welcome to the free agent tool, one of our favorites. For those of you who have multiple leagues, this tool allows you to do at single search for a player across all your leagues even if their with different Commissioner products.

Once you try this tool you’ll realize what a timesaver it is. The free-agent tool works this these Commissioner products: NFL / Fantasy, ESPN, Yahoo!,, My Fantasy League, and Sleeper App.

Once you have logged in or create an account, you can start linking your teams by clicking on the “link Your Team” button at the top right corner of the free-agent tool page. After you finished linking your teams, click back to the Free Agent Tool by clicking the “Free Agent Search” button at the top right corner of the page.

The first part of the free agent tool page shows you how to refresh your rosters by checking the radio button and hitting the “Load Roster” button. This process is done one at a time (sorry).

The next step is to select a player in the dropdown box under the “Waiver Wire Player” search. Here you can select all your leagues or just a subset of your leagues after selecting a player and hit the “find player “ button and the system will respond letting you know what players are taken in each league and what players are available. If a player is taken, it will tell you which manager has that player so you can consider trading with that manager.