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Here are the Fantasy Nation managers with links to their pages in alphabetical order of thier Screen Names.
diego ortega whop20
Chadwick Crowley wickdizzle
pat wilde wilde25
Dan Willman wildmandub
steven morgan wile0004
Gregory Pignatelli wileytigers
David Willsey willson8tor
I have been writing for for 1 year and love the grind. Redraft, dynasty, projections and rankings plus the occasional podcast appearance. Father of 3 great kids and have been watching
Don Jasinski wineman27
ramo rabbaj winning
MIKE LACHAR winningpts
Lance Preston winterbeard
Keemya Esannason wireless
Chad Cullison wolf_river_chad
Andy Sisk wranglers
Donald King wtownman
Oly Olson wyoraider
David Velez xneffect
Alfonzo Brock xxxorcist
Brian Boyd yaboydaz
Alan Anderson yahboy_alan
hugh baugh yetinut
Yancey Pritchard ypritchard
Stephen Zimmer z1vikingfan
Alexandra Penny zandra48
Zach Sonnenblick zblick
Dan Zehnder zeroed
Zachary Miller zmills12