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Here are the Fantasy Nation managers with links to their pages in alphabetical order of thier Screen Names.
Mark F advisors
ron slater af72ks84
Christopher Pinto aggiekappasig
Christopher Pinto - Senior Fantasy Football Analyst and the Host of Belly Up Fantasy Live. A numbers hound who is the resident “Brainiac-in-Training” and considers himself an above-average fantasy foo
Lou Perri agsunday
Armando Aguirre aguirredenver1
Alan Gummer agummer
Rob Morrison ahobbit72
Corey Buker ahurtighd
Brad Czerkies aicfuel
Aidan Pawlak aidangp66
Aiden Wheeler aidenwheel
Bobby Borges aikman72
Kevin Hoffmann air1kth
Jarrel Taylor airforce31
Perry Dunmire ajax2000
B U aka_barry_badrinath
Michael J. Sullivan aksully
Al Lackner alackner
Alessandro T Vizueta albrealgood
Troy Rew aldavis24
Alex Burgess alexb91
ALEX BLICKLE alexblickle1
Alex Johnson alexjohnson
Alex has been playing fantasy football since 2007. He won the first league he ever played in and has been addicted ever since. So much so, that he crossed over to the analyst side of the game several
Steven W Scott alfalcons
Henry Snyder allbowtokinghenry
Jason Tankersley allcitychampions
hank allen alleninthefamily
Mark Easterday alliancemark
Allie Fontana alliefontana
Jake Ciely allinkid
Jake Ciely is the Senior Fantasy Writer at The Athletic, an award-winning analyst and rankings master (whether fantasy football, video games, movies or cereal).
Alex Stall almostfirst
Thomas Seltzer alphadog
A retired financial advisor, Tom decided to take a page from Harland Sanders playbook and started a new career after age 60. In addition to writing novels and screenplays, he began writing fantasy spo
Bob Chiszar amadeus
Amar R Patel amarrp
dusty RHODES amdream007
Amir Steinberg amiracle7
Ami Fogel amitheking
Adam Sanfelippo amsanfelippo
Andersen Pickard andersen
Andrew Austin andjosaus
Bob Stephens andrew533
Andrew Erickson andrewerickson
Andrew Hall andrewhallff
Andrew Neill andrewjneill
andy wong andy_w
Andy Mattson andy53105