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Here are the Fantasy Nation managers with links to their pages in alphabetical order of thier Screen Names.
Kevin Murray kevinmurray
Dr. Kevin Murray is the creator and founder of Fantasy Football Unlimited. He has been nationally recognized as a fantasy commissioner and is one of the most passionate fantasy sports enthusiasts on t
Karl Hils kfhjr66
Kevin Gilman kgilman18
Cole Beck kickoff
Jason Aspland kingjason
Fantasy addict
Steve DeBock kingjester
Joseph Payne kingpayne12
Bob kurbel kirby1947
kirk mounts kirkmounts
Akos Fulop kislanykah
kellie brown kjeello22
John Klobuchar klobiwan
nino martino kneeknow
Kanius Squalls kngsqls
Ken Brown knickbrown41
Matthew Fox knighthawk7734
Co-Host of the Fantasy Football Roundtable Podcast, editor at the Fantasy Life App Blog ( Avid fantasy player, Broncos fan, movie buff.
Nicholas Kendall knique
Jason Kondrk kondo77
Donald Kimball kookaburra
Kelly Peterson kpmoney7
Stephen Krysiak krazyak
Vivian P Abplanalp krazykats
thomas moore kronos2112
Kevin Schneider kschneids
Kelby Shaver kshaver
Kevin Tompkins ktompkinsii
Writer/Rankings for Fighting Chance Fantasy
Kevin Wilson kwilsea62
Love fantasy sports, but especially baseball and football. I write about sports for the Belly Up Sports website. I have always enjoyed writing. I love the water and spending time with the family.
Barry Slogback kyledvo
Kyle Dvorchak kyleplayshere
Kyle Dvorchak is a fantasy football writer who has been playing fantasy for over a decade. After playing in home leagues for years, he got into writing about his favorite pass time. Since then, he’s w
Ken Zalis kzalis
Fantasy writer for
Bridgett Mckenzie ladymayhem
Jamall Johnson lafamilia
Lamonte Agee lagee50
Leslie Lopez lal319
wilson yarbrough lambo_lambo
Kick ass who cares about the names
Jonathan Lamdau landau45
Matthew Smith landmsmith27
Derek Lang langer
Larry Monkey larrymonkey
Andrew Cumbee lazerwolf852
Dawson Cain lbdogs
Dan LaMagna lc_dean
leaf coleman leafc1973
Bob Code leather
Old and getting older
James Hutchison leathernecks
Damion Lee leedr501
Lee Haworth leehawww
Fantasy Football lover, general sports watcher. Love to trade, enjoy the conversation the most about it.
Tim Bressler legendtim