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Here are the Fantasy Nation managers with links to their pages in alphabetical order of thier Screen Names.
Jim Perrone foursport
Been playing since 1993 - high stakes since 2094
Federer Attila freddie1967
Sal Robles freeagents
David F freerick
Fantasy football, primarily devy dynasty.
Mahtab Vaziri freshprinceofballer
Kyle Johnson fta_kj
CEO of FantasyTeamAdvice producing season long draft guides as well as daily fantasy sports models for Draftkings, Fanduel, Yahoo and more
john wiseman fuelers
Tom Knueve fuller
Matt Galley galdog
Stephen Schulist gameon_tx
mike Sofka gatrmike
Gary Davenport gdavenport
Gary Davenport is a fantasy football analyst for a number of major outlets, including Bleacher Report, Rotoworld and The Athletic. An eight-time FSWA awards finalist, he was the 2017 FSWA Football Wri
Gary Tullock geezus
Jason Young geno121
Kurt Bancker geronimo
Garrett Greninger ggreninger
Sue Dambrowski giant_step
Joe Lebrecht gibbs2498
George Kourtakos gkou33
Pat Heim glamis79
stephen ludwig glazier1
Garrett Mazzeo gmazz06
Geoff Morris gmorris0824
Todd Hachigian goblue1994
Justin Goff goffjr01
Geoff Lambert goingfor2
Founder of, Co-host of The Armchair Fantasy Show, Member of the DraftKings Voice of the Player Committee, Member of FSWA, Writer and Ranker for
Keith Gentry goldgluv22
Dean Wiley golfallyear
Nancy Zlomaniec gontotadogz
Kenneth J. Rogers gonzo2010
Joseph Goodwin goody77
bob Walsh goonsquad
Britten Martin gopher
Tony LLerenas gottie
“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is”
Scott Wilson grandpasaw
Billy Prestridge greatestjudas
John Laub gridironscholar
With his Masters in history and professional experience as an educator, John Laub is uniquely qualified to research, analyze and discover new insights and trends in college and professional football.
chris pilgrim grim69
Ed Melton grshopper
Richard W Koehler grubba
Jerry Wiggins gunslingerz
Gerard Ventrella gventrella
H Man h_man6
hal helms halhelms
Grant Hall halltattedup
Ian Hamilton hambino56
mike kuzma hammer
Scott Wiens hamstrungout
Doug Veatch harahduh2
Andy Carrillo hawhaw