Fantasy Nation’s Accuracy Rankings Contest 2020

By Emil Kadlec
Emil Kadlec

Welcome to season two of Fantasy Nation’s Accuracy Rankings Contest. We cordially invite you to participate to help promote your business or personal brand and win cash prizes along the way.

Our fantasy football accuracy rankings include draft rankings and regular season weekly rankings (calculated using PPR). The winner of these two categories will receive $1,000. Also, the top rankings of each skill position (QB, RB, WR, and TE) will receive $100 each within both categories.

We are limiting category experts to the first 150, so please RSVP if you’re in!
To get started with your rankings, follow the link below, and create an account.

Here is a help video also:

You will have until five minutes prior to kickoff on September 10th to edit your draft rankings.

Please let us know if you have any questions about your expert rankings or if you have any issues with the site. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Emil Kadlec
505-293-0509 (land)

How to create your rankings:
1. Copy and paste your rankings onto the page or start with generic rankings and drag and drop players where you want them ranked.
2. Make sure to hit the “Publish” button at the top right to save.
3. QBs are in standard and RB,WR and TEs are in PPR for the accuracy awards

Preseason Draft Rankings

QB: 25
RB: 60
WR: 70
TE: 20
PK: 20 (not part of Accuracy Rankings)
DEF: 20 (not part of Accuracy Rankings)

Weekly Regular Season Rankings
QB: 20
RB: 40
WR: 50
TE: 15
PK: 15 (not part of Accuracy Rankings)
DEF: 15 (not part of Accuracy Rankings)

Accuracy Award Methodology
1. Analysts rank their top players for QB, RB, WR, TE that generally matches the number of players rostered in standard leagues
Draft Rankings
- Top 25 QB
- Top 60 RB
- Top 70 WR
- Top 20 TE

Weekly Rankings
- Top 20 QB
- Top 40 RB
- Top 45 WR
- Top 15 TE

2. The lowest rank is given a weight of 1 and it increases linearly for each rank - e.g., QB25 (Draft rankings) is worth 1, QB10 is worth 2.188, QB1 is worth 2.9. This weight is multiplied against the actual PPR points for the player and is then divided by the sum of all the weights. This creates a weighted average per position for each ranker.

3. This number is then multiplied by the average number of starting players in standard leagues to make sure each position is weighted properly:
- QB - 1.1
- RB - 2.4
- WR - 3.5
- TE - 1.2

4. A 'boldness' bonus is calculated for each analyst at each position based on summing the absolute values of their picks vs that of the consensus. So if Ranker A had the consensus QB1 at QB5 and QB5 at QB1, that would equal 8. A bonus of up to 2% the average position score is added based on how far the analyst deviated from the consensus. (In mathy terms, drafting 1 standard deviation or below the average ranker nets a zero bonus. Drafting 2+ standard deviations above the average ranker nets the 2% bonus)

Scoring System

0.05 points per passing yard
4 point per passing TD
-1 per interception

0.1 points per rushing yard
6 points per rushing TD

0.1 points per receiving yard
6 points per receiving TD

1 point per reception

DEF/ST scoring
2 Safeties
1 QB sacks
2 Interceptions
2 Fumble recoveries

5 Offensive Shutout
2 Offensive scoring 1 to 4 points
1 Offensive scoring 6 to 10 points

1 Extra points made
3 Field goals made