Steve Cohen Fantasy Sports Pioneer

By Emil Kadlec
Emil Kadlec

Steve Cohen, currently the SVP of Sirius/XM Sports Radio, has his roots in fantasy sports. After graduating from the University of Arizona Steve worked for WFAN; starting out as a board operator and tape editor. He eventually became the executive producer for both the New York Jets radio network and the New York Giants radio network. Steve became very connected with many NFL teams and also learned a lot from the team doctors of the New York Giants and the New York Jets. This knowledge that he acquired and learned, gave him a great opportunity to write about injuries as he started his fantasy football business career. In the 1990s he started Pro football News and Injury Report with Jay Glazer. It started out as a fax product and as the Internet came around they started He also worked with ESPN where he got the nickname "Injury Guru." As technology improved, Steve was hired by Sirius Radio and eventually became the SVP over production of Sirius Sports Radio. From there he grew the sports programming to a huge level including several if not all major sports and was able to go back to his roots and create the Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports Radio Channel. Steve Cohen, an FSGA Hall of famer, truly has had a wonderful career and is one of the biggest fantasy sports pioneers in the business.

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