David Dorey Fantasy Sports Pioneer

By Emil Kadlec
Emil Kadlec

David Dory created the huddle.com in 1997 along with his co-owner Whitney Walters. They had free fantasy football content for the first three years. Then in 2000 they both were tired of working for free and decided to give it a shot to go with paid content. It worked out fabulously for them and they're still at the top of the game in 2020.

Their website one the Dick Butkus best fantasy football site award many times in the mid-90s. They also put out a magazine called the Brady Games fantasy football handbook. David won The Draft 2006 championship against the hundred and 81 other teams and earned $10,000.

David was also the author of "Fantasy Football: The Next Level" book in 2007.

They now run the huddle as part of USA Today.

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